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Tidal Cultures


Canadian Wetlands: Places and People; Rod Giblett; 2014

Canadian Wetlands: Places and People; Rod Giblett; 2014

Canadian Wetlands: Places and People; Rod Giblett;  2014; Intellect Books (Cultural Studies of Natures, Landscapes and Environments)

"In Canadian Wetlands, Rod Giblett reads the Canadian canon against the grain, critiquing its popular representation of wetlands and proposing alternatives by highlighting the work of recent and contemporary Canadian authors, such as Douglas Lochhead and Harry Thurston, and by entering into dialogue with American writers. The book will engender mutual respect between researchers for the contribution that different disciplinary approaches can and do make to the study and conservation of wetlands internationally."   Source here 


Here is a quote from this book (talking about Toronto)


"The modern colonial city is made possible by a colonizing writing on the surface of the earth. It transforms wetlands to market garden and market garden into suburb, thus completing the transition from wetland through agri-culture to suburbi-culture with the possibility of aqui-culture aborted. [ ] Modernity colonizes and colonialism modernizes lands, especially wetlands." (p.151)

Book contents

  • Canadian wetlands culture : past and present
  • Wetlands in anglophone pioneer settler literature and nature writing of the Canadian canon
  • 'In the Acadian land' of Evangeline : the marshlands of Grand Pré, the wetlands of the Bay of Fundy and Longfellow's literary legacy
  • 'The marsh lies rich and wanton' : the Tantramar Marshes, Charles G.D. Roberts and Douglas Lochhead
  • 'Noisome marsh' and 'incurable marshes' : Wainfleet Bog, Point Pelee Marshes and the falls on the Niagara Peninsula
  • 'A swampy flat' : Vancouver and the wetlands of the Fraser River delta
  • A city 'set in malarial lakeside swamps' : Toronto and Ashbridge's Bay Marsh
  • 'Land and water disputed empire' : Holland Marsh, John Muir and Henry David Thoreau
  • 'Quaking morass' : the marshes of Manitoba, Frederick Philip Grove and Aldo Leopold
  • 'Smelling the old marsh, I knew I was home' : Harry Thurston's marshes of Nova Scotia and the future of Canadian wetlands culture.