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Spirited Away; Hayao Miyazaki; 2001 (Studio Ghibli)

Spirited Away; Hayao Miyazaki; 2001 (Studio Ghibli)

One of the greatest  films from Studio Ghibli, this brilliant animated film is included here as the action is set in a spirit bath house, and a few river gods are key characters. The scene when the heroine Sen helps bathe what is apparently a stink spirit - with surprising and rewarding results (and a deep ecological message about modern water) is astounding.

There are also scences set in mysterious suburban watery ghost landscapes, and so on.

Here is a quote from a great commentry on the film by

by Tasha Robinson on The Dissolve

"Spirited Away is wet in another sense: It’s utterly obsessed with fluid, beginning with the magically appearing sea that cuts Chihiro off from the mundane world, and ending with her quiet, almost unendurably sweet boat-and-foot-and-train journey across another inland sea to beg Yubaba’s twin sister Zeniba for Haku’s life. The rainstorm that produces the inland sea. The foul ocean of goo the river god leaves in its wake from the bathhouse exterior to the reception area to its tub. The herbal bath Chihiro uses to cleanse it. The blood pouring from Haku’s mouth as he chokes on a spell. The gigantic, outsized tears Chihiro cries as she processes her trauma. Haku himself, in her memories of falling into his river in early childhood. This is a film full of tears, and floods, and floods of tears, and for a culture that associates wetness with overwhelming, instinctual emotion, that’s a powerful focus."

Here is the official trailer - don't be put off by the 'Disney speak'. This is a wonderous film.