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Leven Valley Sound Explorers; Adrift; and other work; Dan Fox (uk)

Leven Valley Sound Explorers; Adrift; and other work; Dan Fox (uk)

 Dan Fox is a UK based musician, sound artist, film and installation maker. A number of his projects involve working with water / rivers and communities. 

For more info see website

Leven Valley Sound Explorers; 2011


“In September 2011 I worked with pupils and teachers at Levens Valley School in south Cumbria. Our project was called Sound Explorers. Each member of the class was equipped with a pair of wireless headphones. My portable battery powered mixer and recorder were in a bag with a small transmitter. This set-up meant everyone in the group could hear what the microphones were picking up and I was able to speak via a lapel mic to the whole group. We captures sounds of the river Leven with a hydrophone, local sounds such as the steam train and the children talking about their experiences of the floods in 2009. We used the headphones in the classroom to for sessions of creative writing whils listening to the sounds we collected. All the material was edited, the children drew icons for themselves and I loaded it onto a beta site called Umapper.”  See map here 


"Adrift creates a mysterious post-flood, post-digital world of music, fire and sculptural towers. Five itinerant beacon makers bring an unique mix of brass, drums, reeds, strings and vocals. An entirely off-grid, outdoor, 30 minute spectacle. Rig and perform in one day. Adrift is available for bookings in 2011/ 2012."

Commissioned by Lakes Alive. Support from Arts Council England and Lanternhouse International.

Adrift from Dan Fox on Vimeo.