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Tidal Cultures


Multi-Story Water; Shipley (UK); Steve Bottoms, Lindsey McEwen & team

Multi-Story Water; Shipley (UK); Steve Bottoms, Lindsey McEwen & team

Multi-Story Water; Shipley

See sister project Multi-Story Water: Eastville here

Arts and Humanities Research Council,  Researching Environmental Change Networks: Enhancing the Role of Arts and Humanities Perspectives on Environmental Values and Change: Policy, Practice and Public Discourses. Principle Investigator Professor Steve Bottoms, University of Manchester; Co-Investigator Professor Lindsey McEwen, University of the West of England. 

"Multi-Story Water is a celebration of the waterways in the Shipley area – the River Aire, Bradford Beck, and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. It explores local people’s relationships with the water environment — the pleasures it brings, the memories it holds, the risks it poses, and our responsibilities for it. Building on conversations with and among local people, the project seeks to express these themes creatively, and to identify possibilities for future action.


The project kicked off in the spring of 2012. The initial stages involved surveying local residents – by going door to door in residential areas close to the River Aire. (Our thanks to everyone who took the time to speak with us!) Further research work included consulting archives, and talking with representatives from local clubs, businesses, and government bodies. The major public outcome of this work was the development of our 3-part, site-specific performance tour of the area (see Performances tab). First presented in September 2012, the show was also revived and updated in July 2013 – with a slightly different cast, and in very different weather conditions!


Other activities have included: hosting a community party on the Higher Coach Road estate (September 2012); working with students from Shipley College on a 3-D digital imaging project (2012-13), and working with Kirkgate Community Centre to present Shipley River Day (July 2013) and ‘Shipley Connected’ (January 2014). We have also made a short film, Wading to Shipley, and worked with Bradford Council to create Blue Mirror – a performance with primary school children about Bradford Beck, staged at the city centre’s Mirror Pool to mark the opening of a Europe-wide conference about Flood Resilient Cities."

See website and video here