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Tidal Cultures


The River’s Voice; Confluence; Water Market; Common Ground (UK)

The River’s Voice; Confluence; Water Market; Common Ground (UK)

The River’s Voice; Confluence; Water Market; Common Ground (UK)

The pioneering arts and environment Common Ground conducted a series of asrts, community and water projects in the 1990s and 2000s

See their Srping 2006 Newsletter on the files page here

 The River’s Voice

‘We are united in our need for water, but are increasingly divided by its scarcity. At the very moment when we need the closeness of water to feed our humanity and imagination, we seem to be denied literal contact, and have lost sight and sound of its magic.’ More here


‘Whilst climate shifts around us, nature takes a beating from our insatiable demands and as the strands which bind community and culture are weakened by both pace and passiveness, it becomes ever more vital that we explore and express what our local world means to us. By making links between our use of water and the impact this has on the river catchment, its wild life and its culture, Confluence tried to bring together the huge body of knowledge about the river which resides in the locality to compound and share in its richness.’ More here


Water Market

‘The intention was to draw together a serious array of people, producers and manufacturers whose trades are inextricably linked with water, or who produce devices to aid water conservation, in a street market which also made links with the river Stour. We felt that using a traditional market place with stalls and everything associated with them would not only invigorate the square in a new but easily understood way, but also give us the chance to bring together all kinds of producers and products, jostling as in the souk or bazaar.


Holding fast to the idea – water, how we use it, what we grow in it and how we can take more care of it, began to offer exciting possibilities. So a new kind of market evolved in our minds: focussing on water, food from the river, water power, river and water conservation – we sought to bring together groups, people and issues that never normally would come together…’ More here