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Rainscape; Welsh Water; Wales (UK); Ongoing 2015

Rainscape; Welsh Water; Wales (UK); Ongoing 2015

Rainscape; Welsh Water; Wales (UK); Ongoing 2015


A project to manage rainwater run -off  and it's impacts on communities

"What is Rainscape?


At Welsh Water, we are leading the way in developing and using new, innovative solutions to manage the amount of surface water entering our sewers. We have called this approach RainScape:


    We plan to invest more and more in RainScape, around £80 million up to 2020;

    This will help to reduce the risk of sewer flooding and pollution, whilst also helping to increasing capacity in our sewer network; – and

    It will help to support economic development and protect our customers against climate change.


What’s the problem?


For the most part, our sewers are a single pipe that has to cope with both surface water and foul water from our properties. This means that during periods of heavy rainfall, more water is getting into our network than it can cope with, increasing the risk of sewage flooding. Resolving this problem using traditional methods such as building additional storage tanks and pipes is expensive and not sustainable. Neither does it tackle the root cause of too much water getting into the sewers.


The RainScape schemes we have developed reduce the surface water entering our sewers and where possible catch, redirect and slow down the speed at which surface water enters the sewer network, using a range of techniques that we call ‘RainScape solutions’."

More info and specific examples here