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Community: 2nd edition (Key Ideas); Gerard Delanty; 2009

Tags: community
Community: 2nd edition (Key Ideas); Gerard Delanty; 2009

Community: 2nd edition (Key Ideas); Gerard Delanty;  2009; Routledge

A very good introduction to the concept of community in the social sceinces and beyond.

“The increasing individualism of modern Western society has been accompanied by an enduring nostalgia for the idea of community as a source of security and belonging and, in recent years, as an alternative to the state as a basis for politics.

Gerard Delanty begins this stimulating introduction to the concept with an analysis of the origins of the idea of community in Western Utopian thought, and as an imagined pristine condition equated with traditional societies in classical sociology and anthropology. He goes on to chart the resurgence of the idea within communitarian thought, the complications and critiques of multiculturalism, and its new manifestations within a society where new modes of communication produce both fragmentation and the possibilities of new social bonds. Contemporary community, he argues, is essentially a communication community based on new kinds of belonging. No longer bounded by place, we are able to belong to multiple communities based on religion, nationalism, ethnicity, life-styles and gender.”

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Seems like an interesting book!

Allow me to suggest a book that I found very useful being a community-building "rookie". It's called "The Art of Community" (http://www.artofcommunityonline.org/) and describes some of the basic community-mechanisms by assessing the world of open source software.

A very lightweight and easy-to-understand introduction to a lot of the common community terms and mechanisms.
Excellent - thanks - i will add this to the list - and take a look myself. Thanks Mikkel