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Tidal Cultures


7 volume History of Water Series, Terje Tvedt (Series Editor) 2005

7 volume History of Water Series, Terje Tvedt (Series Editor) 2005
This is a major series of books on the history of water published by I.B.Tauris

There are 7 books published so far,

Series summary

"All societies must manage their water resources. From the early civilizations of the Indus valley, nearly 5,000 years ago, to today’s megacities, meeting the water needs of an urban population remains a perpetual task. How a society manages and controls its water resources - whether for food and farming, drinking, sanitation, power or transport – plays a formative role in its development. And never more so than in our own century, with the global population approaching seven billion and the continuing threat of climate change.

As concerns over global water resources continue to grow, the pioneering History of Water series brings a much needed historical perspective to the relationship between water and society. Covering all aspects of water and society - social, cultural, political, religious and technological - the volumes reveal how water issues can only be fully understood when all aspects are properly integrated. Unprecedented in its geographical coverage and unrivalled in its multidisciplinary span, the History of Water series makes a unique and original contribution to a key contemporary issue."

Scource of above  and more info here

These two volumes look particularly interesting from our point of view

A History of Water: Water Control and River Biographies: v. 1: Series 1  Terje Tvedt (author), E. Jakobsson (author)

"This volume is the first of three that explore all aspects of water - social, cultural, political, religious, historical, economic and technological - from ancient times to the present day. The contributors examine the changing histories of water as a private or common good; the politics of water at local, urban, national and international level; water in cities; great river plans; dams; river biographies; and images of water in religion, myth, literature and art. Empirical and ethnographic case studies from around the world feature."

A History of Water: Ideas of Water from Ancient Societies to the Modern World: v. 1: Series 2  Edited by: Terje Tvedt, T. Oestigard

"How has water been perceived in different societies and across different eras of world history? How have these changing conceptions informed and influenced our ideas about society and ourselves? In "The Idea of Water" leading international scholars explore the rich record of our ideas, from the beliefs of early societies to the latest scientific views on the nature of this unique substance. Ranging across all aspects - scientific, cultural and religious - this important work both challenges conventional interpretations and understanding of water in nature and represents one of the first attempts to provide a history of our changing conceptions of the role and significance of water in human society."