Judy Macklin and Mythscapes from the Watery Realm

Judy Macklin and Mythscapes from the Watery Realm
Take a look at Judy Macklin's work. She is an Aberystwyth based print maker whose special interest is in flood and water issues. She frequently works with her husband, Professor Mark Macklin. Mark is Professor of Physical Geography at Aberystwyth University. He also directs the Centre for Catchment and Coastal Research and has worked extensively with rivers all over the world.

Judy has been involved in numerous international arts projects that involve rivers and water behaviour. To find out more about her work take a look at her website: www.judymacklin.com. As a result of a recent residency in Australia, she has put together a Wales-Australia print exchange exhibition. It is titled Mythscapes from the Watery Realm and will open at the School of Art Gallery, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales on Friday October 10th.

The catalogue of Mythscapes from the Watery Realm can now be found on this wiki