Jony Easterby

Jony Easterby
Jony Easterby is an artist who is based in the Dyfi Valley. He tells us about his work:
"My work as an artist and musician investigates natural dynamics, social technology and composits. This work is often contextualised within my interventions in landscape and architecture".

Some of Jony's projects that are relevant to the Hydrocitizenship project are:
 Sounding the River 2013 that focused on the River Lea, Birmingham's forgotten river
 Maesteg Washery that investigated the Maetseg Wetlands, site of a former coal washery
 Estuary Laboratory that, with the National Theatre of Wales, explored the inter tidal zone of the Dyfi Esturary
At the beginning of October (2-5) he will lead a team of artists to present For the Birds, a sound and light installation at the RSPB Ynyshir Reserve in the Dyfi Valley.

To find out more about Jony Easterby go to: www.jonyeasterby.co.uk


Hi Shelagh. Looks great thanks. I will defo find out more about all especially Estuary Lab!!

I am still swooning from the loveliness of Jony Easterby's 'For the Birds' a few nights ago at Ynys HIr reserve. The most effective pieces for me- from a wealth of installations- were the ones that seemed to work with the natural environment. Like the projections of birds which 'danced' with the wind in the trees, or the lights which drew attention to the existence and movement of the long grass at night. This installation was achieved in such a hypnotic way that no one seemed to be able to leave that particular spot! Including me. What a memorable event! Best of all, it reminded me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful rural area.