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About the Wiki

About the Wiki
   about the wiki

The Hydrocitizens Wiki provides a space in which members can share and search for information about anything related to water. 

For example - artists, films, books, articles, events, art works, organisations... and anything else that you can think of. Click on one of the folders in the menu to the left to see some of the content that has already been published. 

All entries will show up on search engines. Just like Wikipedia. So you don't have to be a member to see content.

Anyone that is a member of Hydrocitizens can add or edit an entry, so please get involved and help us to build this resource. 

Try to keep it factual. 



I have added some books from my collection that I think are relevant to water etc. I realise this is supposed to be factual, but with some of them I included some viewpoint as I would with a book review as I think this is probably of more use than just the bare facts which can be got elsewhere. Maybe I'm wrong on this one?
Thanks for adding these Maggie, your entries are great.
Hi Maggie I looking forward to checking out the books - your view points are great extra info as far as i am concerned. I might add some view points to mine in the future. I was keen to get some up there ASAP so mine just a list - with stuff off the web. I am also keen to get some 'balance' in here, with more stuff on "community", but in a way that is a tricker set of books to identify??

Whatever, I really hope that people who are to study some or other aspect of water - undergrads, post grads, post docs, artists, find and use this resource. I know if i was starting one something, and found similar to this, i would think - bingo!!
Thanks Tom and Owain. I have been collecting water-related books and papers for some time and I am working through some of the key ones as I have time. I also have a lot of participatory-relevant literature. What I am trying to do is pull out some classic texts as well as newer references which have either had considerable influence over my own thinking or seem to be significant for other reasons (which I hope to identify). It would be helpful if you can look at the keyword/tags I have put and see if you think these look right in the context of our own studies as well as the wiki.