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Tom Payne 4 years ago
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On the 19th and 20th March we plan to hold drop in events at the Community Hall in Borth and the Memorial Hall in Tal-y-bont.

Each event will begin and 3pm and end at 8pm.

The aim of each event is to provide local community members the opportunity to drop in and share their views on the Cymerau project and its themes.

We hope to feed the findings from this event into our conversations with artists on 22nd March at CAT.

Please leave ideas and suggestions regarding the form and content of this event on this thread.

alex plows 4 years ago
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here are a couple of ideas about creative "conversation starters"

-not about water but similar sort of idea. what sort of watery prompts could we have?

see also
Shelagh Hourahane 4 years ago
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We could gather together some objects that have a water relevance in the villages and use them to start conversations, maybe do some writing about them. We might, for example, compare stones from the beach with river stones- flotsam from streams with that from the sea.
andy.rowland 3 years ago
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Looking good for the launch of the Water Map on Saturday 20th June. The Cambrian News ran a good article last week. Our leaflet distributer, going door to door in Borth reports:
"I made it 710 households in total for the two villages.Lots of people I spoke to had read an article on the project in the Cambrian News which had clearly left a positive impression."
And the weather looks settled for the kayaks and the urchin..

Sara Penrhyn Jones 3 years ago
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Thanks team for this. Very glad the press release got into the Cambrian News- and thanks for feeding back what the distributor said Andy. Good to know! Let's hope that the weather's good on Saturday!
Shelagh Hourahane 3 years ago
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Launch day looks as if it will be an exciting one with lots of opportunities to talk about Cymerau and the Hydrocitizenship project as well as hearing what is in store over the next year.
andy.rowland 3 years ago
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Borth Family Centre is holding a Big Fun Day on Tuesday 4 August and have invited Cymerau to take part with a stand or activity. It's on the school grounds overlooking the sea.
They also run beach activities in the summer holidays for ages up to 12 and would be happy for us to join in or theme one of those days.
I left a message saying the Fun Day sounds good and we'll discuss.
andy.rowland 3 years ago
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Congratulations to all who contributed to the launch event in Borth on 20 June. There were many positive aspects to it and I'm confident that we made some kind of impact on a number of people, as well as raising awareness about the project and the forthcoming work - and that there will be opportunities to get involved.

But what immediate impact did we make? How did people respond - especially to the 'performance' element outdoors (the water traverse of the beach, Cor y Gors and the Urchin)? The only evidence we have is whatever individuals may have said to us on the spot. For example, Lucy reports that several people were saying things like "I love Borth; it's where things like this tend to happen". On reflection, perhaps we should have created a role for somebody to buzz round with a voice (or even video) recorder to ask for their comments. We have the opportunity to email those who left their contact details, and some folks may respond to my request on facebook.

But it brings back to mind my concern that we have more work to do on the methodology of recording people's responses to any Water Map happenings they engage with e.g. whether and how it engages with their sense of hydro-citizenship. The artists are responsible for documenting their projects, and our Strategy says we will provide a template or guidance for them. I can't help thinking that their strength will be in documenting the process from their point of view, and that we will need to be present as active observers as well in some way.

One for the next team meeting? 
Lucy Morus-Baird 3 years ago
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I agree Andy,

I think it's important to record the responses to the art from the audience but also consider the artists perspective- I'm receiving some verbal feedback from some of the artist participants and it would be good to provide a template document for Cymerau events to capture different aspects of their experience such as:

Their relationship to the theme
their relationship to the audience
What could have improved and how etc.

It will ultimately shape the evolving process of these kinds of events in the future.

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