Michael Buser 4 years ago
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I wanted to note that we've set up an integration group.  Anyone interested in integration - please engage with us there (click on groups and 'integration').  This is partly about how we integrate as a team (across cases, etc) but also beyond.  We've got some interesting thinking to talk about re: digital integration (of course), collaborative working practices, as well how we deploy concepts of community, citizenship, 'the social', etc - in each case area.  There is some great cross-case work to be done (an aspect of Hydrocitizens that I am specifically involved with). 

Anyhow, if anyone has ideas or suggestions, please comment (and join the Integration group).  Also, examples of other multi-case investigations would be cool too!

All the best, 


alex plows 4 years ago
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hi all
blwyddyn newydd dda- happy new year!
following a recent  Cymerau ( Wales) case study meeting, it was decided that it would be useful to have a short list of simple, user-friendly, "key questions"/organising principles/key themes, which summarised the very dense weave of theoretical and thematic strands in the case for support, and could be used as an aide-memoire for collective understanding of 'where we are at' as we move out of WP2 and 'where we are going' as we move into WP3 and 4.  i offered to give this a go...

it occurred to me that it would be pretty useful to think this through collaboratively in terms of integration, and may help with data organisation and analysis using the various digital and other tools available for sharing and analysing data, material and other outputs (eg, a picture or video could even be coded thematically using  Nvivo qualitative software).

so rather than just independently come up with my own short list of summarised questions, i thought i'd throw this out here first to see if other case studies and/or the key integration team have been thinking along similar lines.
thoughts? ideas? examples of key questions which summarise/synthesise the case4support core doc questions?

theres a number of related points around this (i guess this may all be useful for the next group meeting):
a) ensuring that we work creatively and openly with the challenge of having a list of very social sciency key questions in the case4 support, and how this inter relates with emergent grassroots place based co constructed arts based practice (answers on a postcard please)

b)we may have different thematic priorities/questions emerging in our case study areas, ie it might be useful to think about whether each case study tries to fully answer all key case4support key questions , enabling compare/contrast, or if it would be useful for a particular case study to focus on some issues and questions more than others, depending on local context and conditions (we dont need to answer this now but it would be useful to bear it in mind)

c) means of exploring, deliberating, working with, creating art works out of, the core thematic and theoretical questions- actually this is essentially a) again isnt it, so i'll stop there.

hope this is helpful, and may be useful in terms of organisational themes for forthcoming group meeting?
cheers alex

lyzedudley 4 years ago
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Hi Alex,

This is great thank you, I hope you will be pleased to know that there is a planned session on this at the next team meeting Michael is to lead but I am sure he would encourage any support from yourself if you were interested?

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