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Michael Buser 4 years ago
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We've begun to think about and account for some of the ways in which we are integrating as a team and community.  I've got a preliminary list below.  It would be great if people could add to this list.  I'm really interested in the nature and extent of 'integration' in each of these areas - are people using all of these means of collaboration? (note: we'll open up separate threads for some of these topics)

Digital integration: 
we have four websites (case areas), one main website (outward looking), this forum; 
we have dropbox, zotero and the hydrocitizens youtube channel. 
We are conducting online seminars (Ian did the first one)
The project researchers are holding syke calls ever couple of weeks. 

Face-to-face meetings: We are meeting every 6 months or so in large group meetings.

Paper outputs: We have written a number of draft papers in WP1 which crossed themes and brought people together across case areas 

Evaluation and analysis: Michael is working on cross-case analysis with the researchers (this will be another main thread). 

Katherine Jones 4 years ago
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Hi Michael

Just wanted to also post a couple of discussions that have started here on the forum and that may lead to collaborative work in some way, perhaps in terms of methods (e.g. camera hacks and underwater filming/photography) or in terms of thinking about and writing about inter-disciplinarity/transdisciplinarity and how this may be working out in our project as a whole. 

Here are the two discussion threads: 


Tom Payne 4 years ago
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Alex wanted me to post the following. Does anyone have any thoughts?

"it would be good to discuss ... how we can facilitate compare/contrasting [data] with the other case study sites- trying to set up ways (eg standard baselines, benchmarks) which enable some comparisons. for example, the demographics of the other case study areas are very different to ours. as are the spatial geographies. given this, what issues emerge consistently across the 4 areas? what is different? how does the same issue get expressed in different ways in different places?

i also want to think about compare/contrasting "water governance"- "hydrocitizenship from above" in our case study and the others (eg flood management plans). i think this would proivde a useful  theme (one of many!) for the case studies to slot material into as we go along."
Sara Penrhyn Jones 4 years ago
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Hi Michael- and all,

It is very long (sorry!), but it may have something useful in it.

Key points include: 

1) We can use creative practice research methods to consider ideas across case studies 
(In my case: Filming and interviewing- landscape and people, observing and photographing). 

2) Some of these responses and insights can be expressed through art and not necessarily through text

3) There's something to be said for more involved one-to-one conversations amongst ourselves (not mediated electronically). 
Have we, for instance, interviewed our own community partners and collaborators?! Some of these conversations or interviews may be inappropriate to publish, but they would still have value for understanding the work that we are doing, and insights can feed back into process.

So the methods and ideas we are promoting and exploring in the project applies to us too! The value of building relationships, having conversations, working with/through the arts

Bye, Sara

Sara Penrhyn Jones 3 years ago
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As well as travelling to Shipley and doing some photographing, filming, interviewing and observation (April 2015), I also spent a weekend in Hackney Wick (July 2015).

The tangible outcomes include this film: https://vimeo.com/134902583, plus a series of photographs of artists in their studios, the urban environment, and the 'free space and art city', DEN-City1, curated by Rebecca Feiner seen here. I also interviewed Graeme about the project, Ozlem and Jo about their mapping with the community, and a number of artists about their work in relation to the local area. Some of this will be edited into various short videos, and other new ideas will be developed into more substantial exploration or collaboration.

To me, this form of attentive listening has made each site 'real', helped build relationships within and beyond the team. It's also interesting to see what happens when a site is less familiar or even exotic. I've also discovered connecting themes such as displacement, and areas for exploration, such as how artists explore change in the natural or built environment in (and through) their creative work. It has also highlighted the similarities and contrasts between the research processes in each case study. Particularly with mapping at this stage; how do we 'map' our area, and why use this particular method? What can we learn from each other about this process? Are similar questions relevant to urban and rural areas, England and Wales? Do we mean the same thing when we talk about heritage or culture, for instance? Ideas about unsafe or dangerous places are very different in the Lea Valley and West Wales, and involve totally different risks (In my locality, the risks may be associated with the 'natural' environment, rather than fear of mugging, for example).

This practice-as-research does several things at once; it also hopefully produces some useful material and resources for the project.  As I seek ideas for cross-cuting themes that I can explore and articulate through film or photography, I've understood that working across case-studies offers rich possibilities. Being led by the visual, or by the 'something' you respond to and feel compelled to pursue is really the best basis for creative work. Perhaps you don't really find the 'theme', but the theme finds you. 

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