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This group is designed to facilitate discussions related to the integration of the four Hydrocitizenship case studies. It provides a space for the documentation of ideas and process.  Specifically, we will look at the ways in which people are communicating and collaborating across the cases (as well as with those outside of the project) through the forum, email, meetings, joint work, and so on.  In addition, we will discuss issues related to the comparative evaluation of practices in each case.   

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Water Connections Theme

Started by Michael Buser • 4 years ago
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Digital Integration

Started by Michael Buser • 4 years ago
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Katherine Jones 3 years ago
Just to say that (sort of) in line with what you've said above, I have rationalised the Forum themes down to eight. They aren't exactly the eight here, but close.
The forum categories reflect what was actually in the forums, and the fact that discussions are happening that perhaps don't fit any of the categories mentioned above, neatly at least. So in some senses, the arts aspect is in there twice, once in terms of creative representations of water and once in terms of thinking about participatory arts and research (good discussions in there!). 'Water histories' and 'narratives' are not in there at the moment as categories, but could be, particularly if some discussion was started on these things.
In line with Alex's suggestions (via emails), perhaps some form of coding can also take place that looks at these themes through the various materials gathered here and elsewhere.
I do also like Owain's suggestions of building debates around the themes. The forum may be a good place for that.
Owain Jones 4 years ago
Hi Michael and all
Re integration across the project
I thought the exercise in Shipley was very productive
The themes that came from the exercise are listed below (this does not include the actual post it comments just the cluster headings
1. Access and Policy Management
2. Ecology
3. Water History
4. Water Connections (Water Citizenship)
5. Social Change
6. Stories Narratives
7. Arts
8. Project
I think we should do this
• review these
• identify and gaps and fill with new headings or changed titles
• identify team members likely to be active in them
We can start to build up texts and debates around these themes which include lit review stuff and specific case study material.
And also do this
I think the Forum has got a bit messy as we all (team and non-team) been getting used to it
These are the 26 Forum Headings at the moment
I think this needs rationalising and maybe merging somehow with the themes above
1. Chronicling the Coracle: Embodied Engagements with Water and Craft
2. Ecosystem services and putting monetary values on 'green stuff&...
3. Can games technology revive place-making? - RSA
4. Mobility
5. Mobility and water
6. Water and still photography
7. Cameras and Water [lo-fi technology]
8. Team Meeting in the New Year
9. Integration
10. Water and Moving Image
11. Lee Valley Park Development Framework Consultation
12. Water technology infrastructure, and cultural norms
13. Art, humanities and participatory approaches to water
14. Ecological Citizenship and Water
15. Water in the media
16. Mapping
17. Is My Flesh Not Public? Thinking of bodies and ‘the public’ thro...
18. Water and literary representation
19. Interdisciplinary Collaboration
20. monetising green
21. Hydrocitizenship Presentations
22. Urban bending [Deep Mapping]
23. Messing about in boats? [Dialogue and participation]
24. Water and Recreation / Embodied Relations with Water
25. Extreme weather: narratives and performance
26. Physical and Technological Ways of Looking at Water
If we do the above actions, the cross-study themes – when refined and agreed - can become the ‘tighter’ structure of the Forum??
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Hi all,
If you need any help with anything please get in touch. My email is tsp06@aber.ac.uk. I'm also happy to Skype if you would like me to guide you through the technical side of things or to talk about the digital work in general.