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Cymerau is a mid Wales (Borth and Tal-y-bont) case study for Hydrocitizenship, a three-year project (2014-2017) that combines academic research with community participation and creative activities. It asks a simple question: What does ‘water’ mean to us, as communities and individuals? We don’t always think very consciously about water, but it is part of our bodies, communities, daily lives and habits. It is also integral to our ecosystems, economy, local landscapes and our experience of them. 

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Gwanwyn/Spring Gathering

Started by Caroline Freeman • 35 months ago
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Hydrocitizenship in the Media

Started by Tom Payne • 4 years ago
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cymerau emerging themes

Started by alex plows • 3 years ago
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andy.rowland 3 years ago
Annie Morgan Suganami is putting on a multi-disciplinary performance at Y Tabernacl in Machynlleth on 5 June at 7.30 before opening her exhibition. It's called
I've tweeted her.
alex plows 3 years ago
this very nice little thread is a bit hidden away on our 'cymerau' pages and gives a nice overview of some early 'water soundings'
alex plows 3 years ago
annwyl pawb/dear all
i have uploaded another file,
which is NRWs consultation doc for the west wales river basin catchment area, which Tal y Bont and Borth both fall within.
the consultation closed in april so this will be updated as a reult and it will be interesting to see management changes etc resulting from the consultation.
its a little harder in this doc (compared with the borth shorline one) to 'drill down' to the level of taly Bont and Borth specifically, but it is do- able and worth scrolling though to identify, eg issues such as 'managing pollution from mines'.
anyway i hope these 2 docs are useful background for all involved in Cymerau
diolch alex
alex plows 3 years ago
annwyl pawb/ dear all
i have uploaded a file which is the shoreline management plan for the Borth area.
this can be found here
diolch alex
alex plows 4 years ago
dear all
information below about another art/nature network event in Bangor/Llanberis happening May 12/13. i think the event is on a "donations" basis. mae na gwybodaeth yn y gymraeg mewn dogfen "word" ar gael hefydd-con.tact the organisers on link below for more info
Planed Las – Blue Planet: the Arts, Water Citizenship and Sustainability
12-13 May 2015
Various venues and sites including Treboth Botanic Gardens Bangor, the National Slate Museum Llanberis and Cae Mabon by Lake Padarn in beautiful Snowdonia.
Nearest railway station Bangor, North Wales. Detailed instructions on travel and accommodation on application.
andy.rowland 4 years ago
Twristiaeth Ceredigion Tourism represents tourism providers. It has declared monthly "themes" during 2015 to give focus to promotions and activities. August is "the sea".
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Thanks to everyone that came to the World Water Day event at CAT on Sunday!
Please do follow are Facebook page to keep up with events.
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Cymerau, the local Hydrocitizenship team, are planning to hold three public events on 19th, 20th and 22nd March 2015.
See our website for more information about the project. http://www.cymerau.org
The first two take the form of drop in sessions where members of the public can come and share their views about water. These will take place at the Community Hall in Borth (19th - 15:00-20:00) and the Memorial Hall in Tal-y-bont. (20th - 15:00-20:00). These are open to anyone and we would really appreciate it if you were able to share the details through your networks.

Please come and see us yourself and share your thoughts if you are free!
The third event is specifically aimed at local artists and it will take place at CAT on Sunday 22nd March, World Water Day. This event is designed to engage artists with the project and to share with them the details of our proposed year of creative activity, our Water Map (Sept 2015 – Aug 2016).

For details of the Water Map follow this link:


For details of the artist event on the 22nd please follow this link:


You can also share your thoughts online, by filling in this questionnaire. http://www.cymerau.org/you-say.html We will be using these to help guide our work in the coming months.
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Holy Wells: Wales a photographic journey by Phil Cope
In case you don't know this book:
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Flood Alerts have been issued across Wales due to rising Super Tides
alex plows 4 years ago
very proud to have been on s4c's great music programme 'y stiwdio gefn' on friday, playing pennywhistle supporting the welsh folk singer Chris Jones. link on i player for a couple of weeks (i'm on after the commercial break)
alex plows 4 years ago
mor falch i cyhoedd mod i'n ar rhaglen hyfyrd 'y stiwdio gefn' - chwarae fy'n pib efo y canwyr gwerin Chris Jones
dach chi'n gallu ail- gwarndo ar y rhaglen yma
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Couple stuck down a mine near Talybont
andy.rowland 4 years ago
Interesting, Owain. Do your colleagues happen to work in the German Biosphere Reserve of Wadden Sea and Hallig Islands of Schleswig-Holstein or on the Dutch part? The Dyfi Biosphere has a connection with the former, through another research project www.cobwebproject.eu
Owain Jones 4 years ago
Hi Andy and all at Tair Afon. Sounds great - stuff about what's under the sea - submerged forests. Antony has an ongoing interest in / project on drowned lands. Inc stuff about Doggerland. We should also try to get you guys together somehow with our pals in Holland. There are people over there working away on/with lovely stories about drowned lands, what’s under the sea, etc. - legends, lost ecologies, spirits - in the Wadden Sea area and around the islands
Will do some virtual introductions somehow
andy.rowland 4 years ago
https://www.facebook.com/dyfi.woodlands says
Yesterday we heard some brilliant tales and facts about Borth submerged forests from local man Anthony. We created artwork to represent our experiences of Borth past, present and future...
Shelagh Hourahane 4 years ago
Have a look at Ellie Harrison's project 'Change' on www.ellieharrison.com.
She is a Glasgow based artist who has made a series of outdoor 'marketing' type signs that simply say 'Climate' and 'Change' and these are put around outside a building or space.
She asks for organisations that would like to use them free of charge over the next year or so.
The idea could work for us but would need to be bilingual and maybe use more words. but, we can;t, of course just take over her idea. Might be able to adapt it though.
Shelagh Hourahane 4 years ago
Last night I went to an event at the Llanfach in Tre Taliesin. It was focused on planning for weather related emergencies and is based on similar emergency planning that is taking place in Borth.
It was attended by about 24 people and facilitated by Guy Pargeter. Groups discussed issues and possible action related to flooding, snow and disaster events and action in general.
The main intention is to ensure that there are clear chains of information when a threat is perceived and that people are aware of basic things they can do in such circumstances. It was agreed that there needs to be a community approach that could include identifying two or three centres to which people can go in emergency situations and where help and some services can be provided. These could be the Llanfach, Siop Cynfelyn and the Wildfowler pub.
There was some discussion about the value of perceiving situations that might contribute to emergencies, such as lack of clearance of fallen trees; failure to maintain river banks and drains.
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Hi Andy, I saw that Ecodyfi are part of this.
andy.rowland 4 years ago
I would have put this on the Lee Valley page if I'd been a member! Looks very pertinent. Surely they're aware of it already? http://stormwater.wef.org/2014/10/large-urban-wetland-approved-east-london-upper-lee-valley/?utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Mid Wales Hydrocitizenship advisory group meeting this Friday.
Tom Payne 4 years ago
Nick Jones is a musician/composer based in Borth. He's done a lot of site-specific and participatory work in the village and around the world.
Tom Payne 5 years ago
Major report identifies ways to improve Wales’ resilience to coastal flooding 29th April 2014 http://naturalresourceswales.gov.uk/our-work/news/major-report-identifies-ways-improve--wales-resilience-coastal-flooding/?lang=en#.U2KvYigx90c

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