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Sara Penrhyn Jones 4 years ago
Hello Shipley team! I have written a ridiculously long response on my weekends in Shipley here:
I initially called it 'Trip to Shipley- but is it research?' This is because I gave a talk about my AHRC-funded creative research trip to Kiribati at Aberystwyth University, and one Lecturer in Film (apparently) said later:
"It must be really interesting to travel around interviewing people with a camera, but is it RESEARCH?"
So I thought that it might be worth trying to explain and hopefully demonstrate how filming and photography (and associated skills) might be a legitimate - and even useful!- research tool!!
So I have offered some background to the kind of work I normally do, which you can scroll right past if you just want to get to the Shipley part.
Thanks for a great time!
(I am allowed to have a good time, I hope, as part of 'research'??!!!)
trevor.roberts 4 years ago
I have just picked this up from a CRT update - I would be interested to learn more but I am also experimtenting with this communication platform
Stratford to Stratford – students to bring Shakespeare to the waterways
An innovative and pioneering arts and youth project, funded by three major donors, will see performing arts students from Cobham Academy in Stratford, East London immerse themselves in all things Shakespeare as they travel from Stratford, in the East End, to Stratford – upon – Avon. While learning about the history of the canals, during the 10-day canal boat journey in June/July 2015 the Year 12 and 13 student, from disadvantaged backgrounds, will develop a performance based on a Shakespeare play that they will perform at the Stratford River Festival.
The group will record progress of the project and their experiences through film, art and social media. This will be uploaded to a dedicated webpage allowing friends and school mates to follow their progress
lyzedudley 4 years ago
Hi All,
Hope you are all having a good friday! I have noticed some of you are not group members yet so thought I could get the ball rolling by inviting you to have a wee look.
This week I have been catching up with what has been going on while I was on holiday. There is a wonderful blog by Steve, all about the recent Bradford Council consultations on the Hydro Screw in Shipley, you can find this on www.multi-story-shipley.co.uk. This has inspired me to begin thinking about how we can use 3D modelling in our community conversations? Also I have been speaking with Rosie Leach about Oral History Mapping and how this may be an interesting way to capture people's thoughts and stories. Multi layering of maps is in consideration with support from specialists and taking into consideration Ian's presentation on Deep Mapping last week.
There are quite a few events in the pipeline, some cooking on a canal boat and some corporate engagement are on the horizon and with Christmas fast approaching some festivals may be in the making! Much more detail to follow on these proposals. Please post anything you have been up to this week!
lyzedudley 4 years ago
To see all new and upcoming projects in the shipley area you can also follow our blog! multi-story-shipley.co.uk