Jan 29

We set up this community to try and raise the profile of the creative water related research that is taking place in the UK and internationally. Members of Hydrocitizens can keep their own blog, engage in debates on the forum and stay informed about important upcoming events.

Because the community has many members and is linked up to so many different sites through the wiki, blog and forum, its pages rank highly in search engine results. So it's a great platform through which to raise the profile of the things that you do. We currently average between 1000 and 1500 page visits each day. The more content that members produce the more visits and the greater the chance of others encountering your work.

To help extend the reach of your work even further, we share all blog posts on Twitter and on Facebook. This means that anything that you write will connect with many others through mainstream social media. 

There are two things that will make your posts more appealing when they appear on other social media platforms:

1) Try to include a photograph. When posts appear on Facebook, pictures make them look much more attractive than they would if they only included plain text. 

2) Think about your title and the first line of your post. This is what will appear on Facebook. So you want it to be attention grabbing.

If you already have a blog or a website, then Hydrocitizens is an excellent tool for directing traffic to the work that you are already doing. You can even add an RSS feed so that your Hydrocitizens blog updates automatically whenever you update your existing external blogs. 

Please get in touch with me if you need any help.


Feb 06
It's day two of the big Hydrocitizenship team meeting in Shipley Yorkshire. Yesterday we went to the site of Yorkshire Water at Esholt. Today we are going to learn about Victoria Mills and then after lunch we will be going on a boat trip on the canal. 


We are trying to gather together notes from the various sessions so if you would like to see them, or are keen to share your own thoughts - whether you are at the meetings or not -  then visit the Shipley Team Meeting Group on Hydrocitizens and explore the forum tabs that have been set up there. 

We will be adding to these tabs today.

With today's sessions in mind I would like to draw attention to a few threads you may wish to familiarise yourselves with. Some of the discussions that are scheduled for today have already been taking place online. So please do have a look and respond to them by following these links. 

Visit the case study integration group. This has been set up by Michael, Andrew and Maggie. If you have thoughts on integration, then this is the place to record them. 

Photograph: Sara Penrhyn Jones

In this image you can see Sara's tweets from yesterday's meeting being retweeted by AHRC Connect. If you would like to share events on twitter please include #hydroshipley and direct your tweets towards @hydrocitiens and @ahrcconnect



All hydrocitizens members can keep their own blog. You can share your research process and practice and anything else that you think might be of interest to other community members.

All blog entries appear together chronologically as part of the Hydrocitizens blog. If you would like to view just your own entries, or those of another community member, then you can access these on member profile pages under the blog tab.

Adding tags (words that capture the main subject or theme of your post) will help people to find your blog more easily.

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