Feb 08

Lidos, swimming and creative urban activism

I found this interesting article in Artesian; Water: Issue Two; Winter 2010


By French artist and filmmaker Sara Muzio about a project in London

“The city we love is one in which anything is possible, where there is space for spontaneous social, cultural and economic games”.

Apr 28

Apr 28
See these Lido / river swimming twtter things  - inc  bringing swimming back the the River Thames



And this great looking book

Downstream: A History and Celebration of Swimming the River Thames by Caitlin Davies

Guardian Review


See on our book Wiki here

15 July 2015 is European Big Jump day. This Euro-wide initiative is encouraging people (young and old, but with an organisational emphasis on young!) to jump and swim in rivers and lakes, in order to 'reconciliate citizens and their rivers'. This 'reconciliation' is considered essential in achieving the EU Water Framework Directive's restoration efforts of rivers and wetlands.  The campaign is run by European Rivers Network. It seems to me that the notion of reconnecting citizens and water directly speaks to Towards Hydrocitizenship, and also recognizes the importance of physical encounters, immersions, and experiences of untreated waters to our emotional values of nature and our environment.

Just thought I'd highlight the event and campaign. The idea of simultaneous, trans-national jumping into water is compelling! 



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