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A three-day program. The first of which (7th Oct) is in Somerset, where I will be presenting work from Unruly Waters and Some:when.
I believe there's a reduced day ticket price for students

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Jan 13

Soak. Mumbai in an Estuary. by Anuradha Mathur / Dilip da Cunha; 2009

This is a very interesting looking project which generated an exhibition, book (PDF online) and other output.

It is in part focused on the flood risk to Mumbai (post 2005 floods)  and the changing relationship between the city and water.

From Soak to Flood -  "a war against the monsoon".

It is a 'planning, architecture and urban design' project trying to envisage a positive relationship between Mumbai and it watery environs, sea, estuary, monsoon

"An estuary demands gradients not walls, fluid occupancies not defined land uses, negotiated moments not hard edges. In short, it demands the accommodation of the sea not a war against it which continues to be fought by engineers and administrators as they carry sea walls inland in a bid to both, channel monsoon runoff and keep  the sea out.

Soak is an appreciation of an aqueous terrain. It encourages designs that hold monsoon waters rather than channel them out to sea; that  work with the gradient of an estuary; that accommodate uncertainty  through resilience, not overcome it with prediction. It moves Mumbai out of the language of flood and the widely accepted trajectory of war with the sea and monsoon that this language perpetuates. It recovers the world of soak.


Soak, in brief, is about making peace with the sea; about designing with the monsoon in an estuary."

Source and project website here. I have put the book pdf in our files collection here


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