May 12

The call for papers below reminded me that Water Economics is an area we haven't much addressed in the project so far I don't think.  However it is an important one. 

It reminded me of John and Mildred Teal's (1969) book 'Life and Death of the Salt Marsh' which provides a classic account of the beauty and productivity of salt marshes.   "If production were to be expressed in weight, you would find that, on the average, the salt marsh produces nearly ten tons of organic matter on every acre in a year.  By comparison, an average yield of wheat is about one and one half tons per acre per year, including stems and leaves.  The best hay landscape in this country [USA] produce about four tons per acre per year and the best wheat yields in the world exist in northern Europe where, with great effort, the farmers are able to coax seven tons per acre per year from the land.  By sheer tonnage, a  marsh is a luxuriant producer (p193). 

Many water landscapes are I think under-valued in economic terms or their value is hidden because we have an emphasis on the monetary value of things and don't consider cultural and ecological values adequately.  The ecosystem services approach may help to identify some of these hidden costs, but I'm still on the fence on that one..... I return to the Teals:

"The dangers to salt marshes stem from human activities, not natural processes.  We destroy wetland and shallow water bottoms directly by dredging, filling and building.  Indirectly we destroy them by pollution.  Much of this destruction is simply foolish.  The marsh would often have been much more valuable as a marsh than it is in its subsequent desecrated form" (p250). 






Water Economics and Policy




Call for Papers

Special Issue on "Economics of Aquatic Ecosystems"

Special Issue Guest Editor:
Edward B. Barbier (University of Wyoming, USA)

Aquatic ecosystems include freshwater, marine, and estuarine surface water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, streams, coastal waters, estuaries and wetlands. This special issue considers submissions that address the economics of improved management of aquatic ecosystems, including valuation of nonmarket ecosystem services. Preferences will be given to papers that contain both a theoretical and applied case study contribution, and which are relevant to regional, national or international policy issues concerning the economics of aquatic ecosystems.






Timeline and Submissions



Manuscript submission deadline (via Editorial Manager ): 15th August 2015
Review comments provided by: December 2015
Planned month for issue publication: June 2016

All submitted papers (including the proposals) are expected to fully comply with Water Economics and Policy journal standards and are subject to regular review procedures. Papers should not have been published previously in any other journal (print or electronic format). All submissions should follow the publisher's style and format. This information is available from the publisher's website - http://www.worldscientific.com/worldscinet/wep.

About the Guest Editor

Edward B. Barbier is the John S. Bugas Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Finance, University of Wyoming. His main expertise is natural resource and development economics as well as the interface between economics and ecology. He has served as a consultant and policy analyst for a variety of national, international and non-governmental agencies, including many UN organizations, the World Bank and the OECD. He has authored over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, written or edited 21 books, and published in popular journals.



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