Wrecked in the mouth of the Leri

Tue 26 Apr 2016 19:36:59 | 1 comments

I love it when bright nuggets of visual information just fall on your senses by chance. Finding out that there are ship wrecks marking the mouth of the Leri was one such occasion. The cutters were scuppered when the slate industry started waining and the railways took over.
Of course I immediately set out to find them, luckily we have very low tides this spring. Not so luckily I have been discovering just how slippery estuarine mud is and the challenge of staying on your feet. Quite afraid that if I did fall into one of the ditches en route I would sink out of sight  and never be seen again Ar Lan y Leri

After my second expedition attempt last night tip toeing out to the wreck site I have decided that kayaking or swimming might be easier. I can't imagine how they are managing the dig they must be using stilts

My huge thanks to James Meek for being so enthusiastic and helpful, here are all the links he provided for those of you who might be interested.
James will also be a guest speaker at our Talking Shop event in Dol y bony on Thursday evening.


This is exciting to look at Jane! These unearthed secrets! I spoke to an archeologist based in St Andrews recently- Tom Dawson, who gave an amazing presentation, showing all these archeological finds along the coast of Scotland. He's been documenting them, and then seeing a lot of it washed away by the sea, and by storms. Apparently, by getting locals involved in these digs, and that's helping people get a sense of time (and change) in the landscape. Local artists have been painting other locals doing archeological work- so it has been a group activity (with children too). What a great way to get people involved in a hands-on way, I thought.
Hope the event went well (heard there was car trouble)....some inspired connections Jane! Cofion cynnes iawn, s x



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