World Water Day in the Lee Valley

Mon 23 Mar 2015 14:26:12 | 3 comments

Lee Valley Hydrocitizenship team joined the cycle ride event that LVRPA organised on the Wold Water Day, 22nd of March.  The circular 25 mile guided cycle ride in the south of the park and beyond started at WaterWorks and a lunch break lunch break is given at the Thames Barrier Park.  15 cyclists joined the ride from all levels, some of them being members of Edmonton Cycle Club, some never cycled in the area before or some very regular cyclists.

There's miles of traffic-free cycling routes across Lee Valley Regional Park covering 10,000 acres in London, Essex and Hertfordshire and cycling is one of the most popular ways of transport as well a s a leisure activity in the area. Engaging with the cyclists through this event was a great opportunity for the Lee Valley Hydrocitizenship team.

At the start of the ride, I introduced the project to the cyclists and asked them to pay more attention to water during their ride on the day. I later meet them at the lunch break at the Thames Barrier Park and asked them to fill in a short survey about their reflections of this cycle ride (significant part of the cycle route was either by the canal or River Lee) and the importance of water to them as an urban amenity. On a small note, I must say reaching the Thames Barrier Park via public transport was more complicated then cycling (I should have also cycledJ).

Everyone was very engaging and friendly during the lunch break and filling up the surveys. We definitely plan to follow up on the cycling activities in the Lee Valley in the future since it is an important user group.

I will put the findings of the survey here soon.



Thanks Ozlem, this looks like great fun. I'd be interested to know what people were thinking as they were cycling along. Do share when you are ready!
Sounds like a fun day...shame there's no pictures of you in lycra!
You can find the cycling report in the Files section now.



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