Wildflower Sandbag

Wed 18 May 2016 17:55:11 | 1 comments
This is an experiment with a sandbag. Instead of using sand I have tried an experiment with topsoil and wildflower seeds. The Borth Youth Club  and Chris Robinsons group used sand bags to create a living wall by the water chamber close to the Water pipe. Around Borth there are wildflowers that can tolerate the sea air, wind and water. Here are some of them. Sea thrift, Sea Kale, Sea campions, Mayweed.  If you find yourself on the train between Borth and Dovey Junction you may well see a long drift of Sea thrift growing along the salt marshes of the estuary.

As part of the Water Pipe Project the young people filled 100 sandbags with tops soil and a wildflower mixture of Sea campion, Sea thrift, Scentless Mayweed, Yellow rattle and Cuckoo flower. The yellow rattle has a semi parasitic root system on grasses which allows for the wildflowers to to grow. Cuckoo flower grows well in damp conditions and attracts the orange tip butterfly.

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I love this. Can't wait to see what grows!



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