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We are looking forward to launching our project and 'callout' for 'Urchin' - a performance journey over land and water - this Sunday, 22nd March at the Cymerau event 'Water Day' at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

Here is a little about the project history to date and what's to come. The upcoming journey is dependent on funding to be confirmed by the Arts Council of Wales and Creative Scotland this Spring  (fingers crossed!).

On 'Water Day' we will annouce our callout for collaborators across the boundaries of art direction, storytelling, choreography and performance.

Project history:

Who we are

The Urchins have grown from an experimental seed developed by a collective of skilled artists, sailors, and makers in the Dyfi Valley in Mid Wales. This collective of free range individuals are working in association with and as Craftedspace, a mid-Wales based design practice that creates art and architecture, making space for laughter and connection.


Initially conceived at ‘Estuary Lab’ in the Dyfi in 2012, funded by the National Theatre of Wales,  the original Urchin was built as a simple prototype to explore and dance on the currents and to venture overland, inviting shelter inside its skeletal structure.


Keen to build on the beauty of the form, two urchins were constructed as a prototype and released to an audience at Festival No.6 at Portmeirion village in September 2014.  Over a few days we explored the dynamics of and the Urchin’s place within the landscape.

Developing creative opportunities - search for partners to initiate a final piece

With its striking form, and great potential for development of narrative, movement and structure, collectively we sensed a bigger journey afoot. With this in mind we have been approaching partners in both Wales and Scotland to initiate the creation of a final piece.


A journey over land and water, a tribe of primordial urchins drift, collect, connect, seek sanctuary.  A journey that starts with their creation in the Dyfi Valley in 2015, moving up to Scotland, before returning back to Wales to the Eisteddfod in 2016. 

Partners - Scotland

Environmental Arts Festival Scotland 2015 - We were successful in winning one of three new commissions for the Environmental Arts Festival Scotland 2015 which is produced by the three partner organisations Wide Open, Spring Fling and the Stove. EAFS is held in August in Dumfries and Galloway.

Partners - Wales

Hydrocitizens project specifically working within the Cymerau case study in the Dyfi Valley, sharing the development stage of craft building, movement research and audience development at the water's edge.

Articulture Wales - a creative organisation that aims to bring together practitioners in Wales to support innovation, collaboration & production of unique outdoor arts. Articulture would be Co-Producers on Urchins with Craftedspace.

Eisteddfod - the Urchin journey comes home to Wales along the waterways, returning to the Maes in Abergavenny in 2016.


This looks amazing. "Vanishing with the tides" - very evocative puts me in mind of Conrad somehow "Within the Tides".
Jenny is going to bring her Urchins to our launch event in June.



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