The Land of the Summer People

Mon 17 Nov 2014 13:36:41 | 2 comments
Hello hydrocitizens,

I would like to share with you a project I am part of which is related with water and based in Bristol and Somerset. It is called The Land of the Summer People. In the following parragraph there is a brief description of the project:

The Land of the Summer People (2014- ongoing) is an art-science research collaboration between the artist Seila Fernández Arconada and Prof Thorsten Wagener of the Water and Environmental Engineering Research group at the University of Bristol, UK. It explores the unstable relationship between society, water and place by exploring flood impact in Somerset, England. Using creative and scientific methods this multidisciplinary project applies participatory research to understand societal response to extreme weather events. The project aims to cross the boundaries created within disciplines through meetings and shared workshops, both within the university and with the community in Somerset. The objective is to generate an open dialogue through innovative methodologies, in order to be more resilient to future uncertainty caused by climate change.

The Land of the Summer People

For more information:


T: #thelandofthesummerpeople


I would like to just have a conversation with you guys by this blog (or in person) if you would like to comment anything about it, any suggestions or even any interest in collaborating with it. There is an open call for artists here the link: http://thelandofthesummerpeople.org/invitations/ inviting artists in Somerset for a collaborative residency that will be happening soon in Somerset (if you know any artists who might be interested please forward the link to them. 

Also I am looking for participation related with experiences and memories related with water, you dont have to be an artist but just have some interested about water and flooding, I thought this could be an interesting call out for this blog and see whether you would have anything to share. The invitation is here http://thelandofthesummerpeople.org/your-voice/

Let's create! 



Hi Seila, this looks really interesting. We are just beginning to do some similar work in mid Wales for the Hydrocitizenship project. It will be interesting to see if there are any cross overs. Are you just looking for artists from Somerset or is the call open more widely?
Hello Tom, thanks for your interest. I am looking for artists based in Somerset, however, the call for participation is directed to anyone interested, feel free if you would like so. I am interested in Somerset as I value the local point of view as well as their artistic expertise.



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