Sketchbook interactions around water in Borth

Wed 13 Jan 2016 22:37:11 | 5 comments

Working as part of the Cymerau project , I am investigating how water shapes the lives of people in the Leri catchment area of mid Wales. 
These sketchbook pages contain rough cartoons and ideas from people in my home village of Borth , a narrow strip surrounded by sea and bog . They have  peculiar attitudes to the apparent vulnerability of the community.

As the project continues , I produce finished cartoons of peoples contrasting experiences and values around water, and contribute to a map of water experience.
The intention is to use humour and accessibility to connect with people who may find recieved notions of fine art and academic discussion  irrelevant to their lives.

In the course of conversations , I have found attitudes and stories concerning death, drug use and ignorance, as well as appreciation and joy.I take an inclusive approach to my work , and the simplicity of graphic art can deal with some difficult experiences.

I spend a lot of time surfing . I can say without reservation that supposedly 'cool' and 'in touch' water users such as surfers are among the most ignorant and hypocritical of all people that use the sea.


Thanks for this Boz- I really enjoyed it! Recognised some of the names. Liked the irreverent tone!!! I wonder if anything unexpected came up for you? What stood out the most, or captured your imagination? How do get talking to people- by walking along the beach and surfing etc? Is it easy to approach people for this kind of interaction? Hope that you're well!
Hi Boz. Yes thanks. It’s great to see this up on the community. I really like the immediacy of it all and the ‘everydayness’ of it – people chatting, messing about a bit, but also glimpses of connection to water, the sea and stuff. I am very interested in “The intention is to use humour and accessibility to connect with people who may find received notions of fine art and academic discussion irrelevant to their lives.”

This has cropped up elsewhere in thee wider project. For example the Bristol street Theatre goup we have worked with mix humour with the more heavy ecological messages. It seems to work well. See here – a video. https://youtu.be/u79gnQD39x8

I look forward to seeing more - and the finished cartoons. Cheers
Really good to see your notebook pages up on the blog and so shared. Please continue to dshare your process with us all. I like the fact that you are talking to people who might not otherwise get involved in the Cymerau (water) project at all. We are finding it quite difficult to capture 'people in the street' so to speak.
these are great Boz and provide a window into views and people we really need to "tap into"!
thanks for you input, I think humor can be a way to allow people to relax around themes that can be terrifying and so big in scale they struggle to comprehend them. I try to always have a pad with me , so random conversation can be recorded. Catching people 'on the hop' seems to work well sometimes, they don't overthink their reaction.
I'm going to approach some younger members of the community next , so that should be interesting.



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