Making a start

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Is starting to gather momentum.

We have decided to create two Talking Shop: Siop Siarad events prior to making our three day journey down the Leri next May.

Our original proposal was to create a bardic response, in music, poetry and prose inspired by journeying the River Leri from the source to sea.To honour the source I am planning to make a vessel, mentored by ceramacist Meri Wells. The vessel will be inscribed with symbols of our experiences and stories gathered and used to carry water from the source to the sea

Our first Siop Siarad will take place on December 3rd at the church in Bontgoch: Elerch, we plan to invite some special expert guests to provoke and inspire our conversation. We have enlisted the help of some long term local residents to help us shape the evening and my thanks go to Richard Huws, Emyr, Dewi and Tegwen for their interest and support.

The second Siop Siarad will take place in Dolybont a village in January, date and venue yet to be arranged

All of the material gathered will be distilled during our travels and then woven into a river shaped audio response to be performed in Borth towards the end of May.




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