Guide to installing the truck graphics on your vehicle!

Fri 03 Aug 2018 12:12:25 | 1 comments

It will shock you to learn that an average truck graphic makes about more than 15 million impressions per year. Well, isn’t that impressive? While the truck graphics have grown in popularity in the advertising field and more of the companies are deciding to go for it, installing the vinyl over the bodies of the trucks is a burdensome process.

The fact that the exterior surfaces of the trucks and of the trailers are covered with rivets is what makes it complicated to decide how to get the vinyl sheet to behave with the interrupting portions of the truck.

The presence of the rivets all over the truck bodies can actually pose a genuine obstacle just for the Vinyl Pinstriping Tape to settle on the surface.

There are two processes to get the truck graphics on the truck, first is dry approach and the other is the wet one.

The wet one is the popular one as by utilizing the fluid you will make the whole procedure quick and less complex. Just so that the fluids do not lead to the formation of bubbles, you can ensure that the surfaces on which the graphics are being applied are bone-dry.

An alternative to the complicated use of the truck graphics is pinstriping kits. You only need the right supplies to create the design of your own and the use of the vinyl stripes for cars is what makes the task much more fun.

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