Call for Applications: Social Media Editor for H-Water

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Call for Applications: Social Media Editor for H-Water

by Aditya Ramesh

Hello everyone,

Applications are invited for the post of social media editor for H-Water. You will be joining a network of an editor and three review editors, with a responsibility for outreach and engagement through social media. The role is flexible, and you can make what you want out if it!

The main duties include:

1. Setting up a twitter account and facebook for H-water (other social media networks are also welcome)

2. Updating the facebook and twitter page

3. Beginning a bi-weekly/monthly bulletin of water news from around the world and circulating it on social media.

We welcome other ideas, such as starting a podcast or blog on your area of interest/research.

The only qualifications required are that you hold an active interest in water studies and either already possess a social media presence or are looking to build one.


Your editor, Aditya




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