When we were asked to team up with Marriott Weddings #BigDayYourWay to talk about the theme of Classic Romance, well, it was the perfect fit. Here at Bridal Musings we love all things cool, unique and stylish, but really, we’re hopeless romantics at heart. Having a wedding that’s all about Classic Romance doesn’t mean adhering to every tradition or incorporating every cliche [cliché]. It’s about including the details that mean something to you, and creating a beautiful day that leaves both you two and your guests, filled with warm, fuzzy, romantic vibes.

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Who Speaks for the River?: The Oldman River  Dam and the Search for Justice by Robert Girvan
Cory T. Shaman

Indigenous more-than-humanisms: relational ethics with the Hurunui River in Aotearoa New Zealand

Amanda C. Thomas

Via  H-Water.

"Social Water" - call for short contributions for online magazine

by Franz Krause

Social water – call for contributions


Water connects. It brings people together, in collaboration as much as in conflict. Oceans have facilitated colonial expansion, slave trade and globalisation. Rivers have been arteries for the spread of people and ideas, but have also pitted upstream interest against downstream interests. Water supply and sewage systems reflect the political differentials of dis/connected households. And wells and springs draw thirsty travellers, animals and pilgrims together, who may compete with the water carriers from the households not served by the water mains.

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River Visions. A Water City Bristol: Towards Hydrocitizenship Project Exhibition, Bristol. July 04 - Sept 12 2017

Windmill Hill City Farm; Bristol

Here is the event poster

River Visions Flyer

THis is an interesting, and large scale global project

Global Water Dance - see on our art and water Wikie here

CFP: Our World of Water: Histories of the Hydrosphere

Via H.Net

by Matthew P. Johnson

Call for Papers

Our World of Water: Histories of the Hydrosphere

November 4, 2017

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

The Department of History at Georgetown University invites paper proposals from graduate students for a one-day conference on water-related enviro

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"For this they (deceitful scoffers) are wilfully ignorant of, that the heavens were before, and the earth out of water, and through water, consisting by the word of God." (2 Peter iii. 5; in Theiler, 1909 p.7)


Strang (2014) suggests that water is an example where the way people interact with the material properties of things ‘generate recurrent ideas and patterns of engagement in diverse cultural and historical contexts’ (p.133).  This suggests that we do not simply place our own values and meanings onto water, but the interaction is influenced by the particular characteristics and behaviours of the material itself.  This is a contested view (see for example Normark, 2015), but the interaction between peoples in many different cultures and water within sacred festivals, ceremonies and rituals in order to cleanse and ward off evil is widely recognised and understood and would seem to be influenced if not instigated by the character of the 'stuff' itself.  The traditions of many religions reflect the belief in the sanctity of water; total immersion in sacred rivers and p

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An extract

"Outside a bar one evening, I asked a friend if he thought paddling Birmingham’s canal network was achievable. Over 100 miles of canal run through the city, with aqueducts, roundabouts and tunnels. Where most cities have one or two branches, Birmingham’s canals wind round each other like spaghetti. I figured I had until early autumn before the water grew too cold and all the green things disappeared. He sent me a map that makes the canals look rather small, until you realise that the network reaches to Wolverhampton, Dudley and beyond. But I was not taking time off to paddle. It had to fit around my life – an afternoon, a couple of hours over lunch, an early evening, weekends. I wasn’t prepared to admit it then, but paddling was going to compete with gardening – and, just as hard to admit, I was excited by the thought. I drew a line around a map of Birmingham. Any canal that fell inside this, I would paddle."

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