getting started

Welcome to Hydrocitizens! This is a quick start guide. If you would like help from a member of the team please contact Tom Payne or Katherine Jones

At the top of the page you will find a search box. Enter key words to find relevant blog posts, forum discussions and wiki entries. 

A blog can be as big or little as you like; from a link and a sentence or two, to a longer reflective piece. All of your blogs will show up on your profile page, so it makes them easy to find later. They are a good way to track personal activity and raise the profile of the work that you are doing. 

If you keep a blog or have a website elsewhere that you would like to share with the community, you can paste extracts on Hydrocitizens. Make sure that you include links that take people to your own sites. 

All blog entries are shared through our mainstream social media networks: Twitter and Facebook. It is worth noting that new comments on blogs will not appear in the newsfeed (unlike comments on forum posts), so if you are keen to have a discussion about something it may be better to post in the forum. 

The forum is a space to start or engage in discussions. The discussions are categorised, so for instance under Arts you may find threads about photography, film, literature and so on. You can start a new discussion thread on a particular topic, or add to existing threads. New posts and comments will appear on the homepage and in the newsfeed. 

There are four groups in which it is possible to track the development of the four Hydrocitizenship case studies. Events and wall posts posted in the Groups pages, only show up in the Groups pages (i.e. if I post something to the Bristol group only people in that group will see it), so if you want to share an event for instance with everyone on the site, post it in the Events tab instead. Each group contains its own forum discussions where members can debate and collaborate.

This is a space where you can upload files that might be of interest to other community members. Hydrocitizens isn't a file storage space, so files may not remain on the site permanently, especially if they are very large. You must make sure that you own the right to share articles and documents.

If there are related events that you want to tell people about, go to the Events tab and click on the green 'Post Event' button at top right. It will give you a window with prompts to enter the details. 

If you post to the main wall, it will stay there but will move down the page as more things are posted, so if you want to share something and have it easily accessible for later it's better to put it in a blog or forum post. The wall contains an activity feed of the most recent content on the site. Including new files, forum discussions, blogs and events.

The wiki works very much like Wikipedia, but specifically for water. Have a go at adding an entry. This is a very exciting resource that contains information about water themed books, films, performances and much more!