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Category: Technology and Water
Started by kolkataqueen17 • 5 months ago

Model Renu Das

Category: Representations of Water
Started by kolkataqueen17 • 5 months ago
1 replie(s) • Last reply by kolkataqueen17 • 5 months ago

Kolkata Divas

Category: Hydrocitizenship Project
Started by kolkataqueen17 • 6 months ago


Category: Hydrocitizenship Project
Started by Michael Buser • 4 years ago
4 replie(s) • Last reply by homeworkhelp520 • 6 months ago

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Category: Participatory Arts and Research
Started by Tom Payne • 4 years ago
6 replie(s) • Last reply by Colonel Ajay Ahlawat • 6 months ago

About the Hydrocitizens Community (and FAQs)

Category: About the Hydrocitizens Community
Started by Katherine Jones • 4 years ago
6 replie(s) • Last reply by homeworkhelp495 • 6 months ago

Managed Retreat

Category: Water Politics, Policy and Management
Started by Michael Buser • 24 months ago
6 replie(s) • Last reply by Prempal Singh • 7 months ago

Cameras and Water [lo-fi technology]

Category: Representations of Water
Started by johntonta • 4 years ago
25 replie(s) • Last reply by cyberpapa420 • 7 months ago


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About the Hydrocitizens Community

Welcome to Hydrocitizens! This community provides a space for the Towards Hydrocitizenship project team and anyone else interested in water to share thoughts, ideas, other projects, and generally to be part of creative conversations about water and water issues.

We invite you to BLOG about your work or ideas and read blog posts by others.

The FORUM provides a space for discussion, so do have a look through the threads and join the conversations, or start a new one!

There is also a growing WIKI with information about water projects, books and more, and a section of the site in which you can upload and download files.

Click HELP here or on the menu bar above for more suggestions on how to get involved.

Visit our website Hydrocitizenship
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