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The Dark Side of Water

Category: Embodied and Situated Relationships with Water
Started by Katherine Jones • 18 months ago
6 replie(s) • Last reply by Maggie Roe • 64 days ago

Managed Retreat

Category: Water Politics, Policy and Management
Started by Michael Buser • 4 months ago
5 replie(s) • Last reply by Antony Lyons • 3 months ago

Water, Hydrogeographies and War

Category: Water Politics, Policy and Management
Started by Antony Lyons • 3 months ago
1 replie(s) • Last reply by Antony Lyons • 3 months ago

New Paper on participation and river basin management

Category: Water Politics, Policy and Management
Started by Maggie Roe • 11 months ago
1 replie(s) • Last reply by Antony Lyons • 3 months ago

Ecological Citizenship and Water

Category: Ecological Citizenship
Started by Tom Payne • 33 months ago
26 replie(s) • Last reply by Antony Lyons • 13 months ago


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On Holy Water and Eels

"For this they (deceitful scoffers) are wilfully ignorant of, that the heavens were before, and the earth out of water, and through water, consisting by the word of God." (2 Peter iii. 5; in Theiler, 1909 p.7)   Strang (2014) suggests that water is a [...]

Posted by Maggie Roe • 11 days ago • View comments

Great article/book about personal change .. & the canals of Birmingham

An extract "Outside a bar one evening, I asked a friend if he thought paddling Birmingham’s canal network was achievable. Over 100 miles of canal run through the city, with aqueducts, roundabouts and tunnels. Where most cities have one or two branches, [...]

Posted by Owain Jones • 14 days ago • View comments

BBC Radio 4 Programme about the River Lea

This river is part of the Hydrocitizenship Project A fascinating example of an rural - urban river Another chance to catch the River Lea episode of the excellent BBC series on rivers tomorrow at 3:15pm (or on the I Player afterwards).. http://www.bbc. [...]

Posted by Owain Jones • 45 days ago • View comments

Another extraordinary tale of modern water pollution – Love Canal US

Richard S. Newman. Love Canal: A Toxic History from Colonial Times to the Present. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. Reviewed by Angela Creager (Princeton University) Published on H-Environment (March, 2017) Commissioned by David T. Benac Opening [...]

Posted by Owain Jones • 50 days ago • View comments

Photos of and text about the Yellow River China by Ian Teh

Rather amazing photos following the course of the Yellow River, China, and its fluctuating forunes Traces II: The Source Traces II: The Middle

Posted by Owain Jones • 67 days ago • View comments